Erik Pingol illustrating both sports and children’s books

I’ll be launching a Patreon page soon.

As I wanted to create books for children, and give them all for free for every teacher, parent and child, I’ll be needing some help from kind people who would believe in my goals.

Okay, here is how it would go: when I finish a children’s book, it will be up for free on this site (and also on Patreon, I think). The name of my “Silver Patrons” will be included on the Acknowledgement Page. For my “Gold Patrons”, their names will be on the more prominent part of the Acknowledgement Page, plus I will illustrate a character based on this Patron or from a photo of a person he or she will send me—and blend it in the artwork (be it an NBA audience—among the crowd—or a bystander in the children’s book). Also, Silver and Gold Patrons get a different version of the book—I’ll include a little extra artwork maybe or something like that.

Regarding SPORTS ILLUSTRATIONS, though this one may take a bit more to finish since it’s more complicated—the benefits should be the same. When I finish an NBA Illustration Collection Book (for example), it will be up here and ready for download for every one. But my Patrons’ version should be more special—of course, because they helped me—MORE artworks, EXTRA “shiny badges”! For the Silver and Gold Patrons, their names will be written on their respective parts of the Acknowledgement sections, plus (same as above) Gold Patrons’ image will be REPRESENTED in the artwork.

I’d say, I really wanted to create children’s books for free—that’s what I can do for the world. NBA (and other sports) illustrations however should just serve as a bonus for me to be able to get more people to help me in this goal. I don’t want to sell these goods, but I need all the help you can give to make this a reality. FREE READING AND LEARNING MATERIALS FOR ALL KIDS.

I hope someone out there could give a hand.


Michael Jordan

A portrait of the GOAT Michael Jordan by Erik Pingol

An art professor once told me that a portrait is not just some photograph or illustration of someone’s face. It should have the story or the character or memory that describes who the subject is. This, for me, is Michael Jordan. The hard teammate. The ultra-competitive. The proud monarch. The undefeated champion.

Truth be told, I was never a fan of MJ. I never collected his cards when I was young. I didn’t really root that much for his games, in fact I wanted my Lakers to defeat him. But my beloved ’90s era was the decade of his greatness, and it was harder not to be in awe of this certain genius.

This is the last Bulls portrait in my planned collection, and definitely one of my favorites.

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen illustrated by Erik Pingol

“Considered one of the greatest small forwards of all time, Pippen was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight consecutive times and the All-NBA First Team three times. He was a seven-time NBA All-Star and was the NBA All-Star Game MVP in 1994. He was named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History during the 1996–97 season, and is one of four players to have his jersey retired by the Chicago Bulls” from Wiki.

Yup I got lazy there trying to write something about Scottie. Well, this site is about my artworks, not athlete profiles after all. I do like Scottie Pippen in the Bulls’ run during the ’90s but I just didn’t have the words to say.

Anyway, as a journal entry, I remember waking up early in the morning and sketching this. In a few hours I finished it and got to finish more on the same day. I’m getting the hang of hatching. I think I finished 5 player portraits in one day.

Next: MJ

Harper 9

Ron Harper was one of the herd that I liked—back in the 2nd Bulls’ era in the ’90s. Together of course with MJ, Pip, and Kukoc and Rodman—Harper was a very dependable role-player. But of course I was just too young to remember his details and I didn’t collect his Fleer and Topps back then. So I took a piece of Wikipedia about him:

“Harper signed a free agent deal with the Chicago Bulls, who were reloading following the first retirement of Michael Jordan. Harper found his niche with the Bulls upon Jordan’s return, eventually becoming a fan favorite by reinventing himself as a big perimeter defender, ball handler, and mid-range scorer.”

Yes. True that. And when the Bulls were over, He got to join the Lakers—my true team—and won 2 more rings. Lucky and great guy!

Ron Harper. I did this portrait because very few did. Don’t forget this guy! He’s great!

Right now, I’m just working with portraits and portraits and more portraits, but in the future I’ll do some court action for each of these guys (that I portrait). Be sure to here for it, guys!

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The Spider of Split

Toni Kukoc was known as the Spider of Split—that is Split—in Croatia. He had been one if not the most celebrated Croatian player of his time. He was a favorite Bull of mine back in their Championship years in the ’90s, that’s why I was fairly disappointed that The Last Dance (Netflix documentary) paid very less attention in him than he deserved.

A complete player: perimeter shots, 3-pointers, defense, passing skills and a very quick tall guy with a lot of tricks.

Toni Kukoc —one of the 2nd 3-peat Bull’s main guns

At this point I was getting pretty used to my hatching. Expect more coming!

Kenni’s Bahay-Kubo

Kenni’s Bahay-Kubo cover by Erik Pingol

Watch Kenni’s version of Bahay-Kubo and see the pages of the children’s book we made!

We started these little projects just to help teach Kenni reading and get him used to the language. Now, we have made 5 books, and still creating more.

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To my frequent visitors, yes, I do illustrate children’s books as well. I’m not all-basketball and anime 😂. I mostly draw stuff and create books to help my kid in reading, as we have found he has love for books. Actually this is the 5th book that we as a family have done.

We actually want to make it a free resource, for download and/or print for everyone. For schools, for teachers, parents and children who want to learn and have fun while at it. Downloads… I’ll try to learn the best way to do it. Print, we need sponsors as it requires a lot of money for that. But all in all, we want it to donated for everyone.

Message us if you have ideas.

PS: I’ll be working for the translated version very soon.

The Worm

Dennis Rodman of the ’90s Chicago Bulls by Erik Pingol

Dennis Rodman was a wonder under the rim. He wasn’t known for scoring but what he’s known for was worth more—his defense and rebounds. Let MJ and Pip win the scoring battle, but trust The Worm to take care of the missed shots.

Here’s the ’90s Bulls’ Dennis ‘The Worm’ Rodman in black and white, my first entry in my NBA Portraits: The ’90s.

Mobile Wallpaper: Sakuragi X Chicago Bulls

The NBA X SLAM DUNK posts I had for my Facebook page and Instagram were ultra-successful. And the most popular request was Sakuragi Hanamichi on Chicago Bulls uniform. Yes, I did it for all you guys who liked, shared and made comments! You are all awesome!

The said artwork was at the previous post in this website, go check it out!

I’m posting here right now some goodies—mobile wallpapers for you to download. It’s not much but I took the time and effort required because you gave me much love. I appreciate it, guys.

The promo image I used on FB and IG

The other promo image I used on FB and IG

You can save or download this image for free and use it on your phone. Because I love you.

You can save or download this image for free and use it on your phone. And please don’t complain about my signature—it’s my signature! 🤩

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Sakuragi Loves You

My Facebook page Art of Erik Pingol post and Instagram posts NBA X SLAM DUNK series were really successful! Reached tens of thousands and counting! Shares were just so many for me to remember and responses in the comments were really fantastic! If you are one of them who liked, shared and made comments, THANK YOU! The responses I got were really heartwarming.

The most popular request was “Sakuragi to the Chicago Bulls”. Yes, I heard (read) you well. And when I promise, I deliver. Here’s a thank you art for all of you, guys. I love you. Sakuragi loves you as well!

By popular demand, Sakuragi for the Chicago Bulls. By Erik Pingol

I just hope Takehiko Inoue-san loves me as well.

Kobe v MJ

Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan by Erik Pingol

After my digital watercolor exploration on the previous Shaq-Kobe piece, I got a little closer to the effect that I wanted with this one. I just need the right brush. But this is a bit close.

I just love drawing basketball shoes 😍