Hold Your Horses Especially When Your Client is Tikbalang

It’s hard to be funny in a corporate world full of serious people who won’t stop for a bit of laugh—when it won’t benefit them. I’m just your regular crazy guy, the type who finds something to chuckle at almost everything. At most, I win friends; and I’m happy that this could describe the bigger part of my life—fun-loving people for friends! But the world is not perfect, unfortunately for us good guys. Some people just won’t appreciate it. Some people would choose to throw in hate, if it meant display of their power or authority. Whew, tough life! For them.

Well, I am just glad that from time to time I could still squeeze-in some fun at work, and get away with it! Here are some of my favorites in my past works. Not the best I could do, but certainly some of my most loved creations. 20 years in the business. I. Am. Still. Alive.

A back-to-school season plug I made for GMA Network. Yeah… I had fun.

This was a seasonal plug I art directed (and illustrated!) for GMA Network, a back-to-school-college-edition-greetings plug—really can’t say PSA. It’s not as funny as me and my writer-partner could have done or originally imagined, thanks to client comments and the legendary deities of MTRCB, but it’s one of my favorite works.

One does not simply caricature and animate his officemates—invert a friend—and get it aired. Much more, win an Ad of the Quarter Award for such mischief.


The story was this: most of my senior peers were out in a vacation leave, I chose to be the “taong-bahay” (let’s say, the office caretaker of the week). Not much is left at work, we (they) kinda finished everything before they went out of town. I’m the only senior personnel in the unit.

This was supposed to be a regular episodic, the type of plug that just aired for a week. With not much to do (because we finished most things in advance), I poured my heart and bile for this. Who signed to approve this? Told ya, it was just me around. He. He. He.

What a shame, I couldn’t find the animated one. I’ll update this post when I have it.


^Great guy, believe me!

Let’s get this straight early on, I’m not a guy who watches soap operas and there were only a few Filipino sitcoms that I could say I really liked! Most of my career, I worked with GMA’s News & Public Affairs accounts, not much with the Entertainment Group. But art directing Love You Two was something, I loved it. Gabby Concepcion, Shaira Diaz, and Gerald Napoles were particularly very professional and great to work with. I didn’t write the script here, so don’t you judge me! Haha. I enjoyed doodling over the videos, I admit.


Well, this has been a long post. I’ll just end it with another favorite, in terms of theme and artistic reasons. Artistic, huh? Nah, I just love drawing and getting paid for drawing.

Holloween! Every year… er… of the year(!) I look forward to creating Halloween plugs! I’ll just leave it here in my blog, so I can remember it when I’m way past my Tito-ness.

It wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t scary either. Maybe the joke’s on me, but I enjoyed drawing, so who cares?

Thanks, guys. Fun shall prevail!


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