The Artist

Erik Pingol is an illustrator and storyteller

He started his professional career as a graphic designer and then became an art director in a top broadcasting company in the Philippines. He’s been working with different types of graphics, from print to broadcast to the web, for more than 15 years now.

Erik has won many awards in his field, and it’s just too many and tedious to mention all—yet the one that he held the highest and most important was when he bagged the Grand Prize in the 2019 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature with his Novel Agaw-anino. This, as he said, changed everything. True enough he quitted his job of 13 years to have more time for personal art.

He is now the Creative Director for a design, digital and full-production startup company based in Doha, Qatar and Manila, Philippines. He wakes up early in the morning, prays and starts working in the comforts of his home. He could still be as busy sometimes, nevertheless, he makes sure he gets to draw or type his personal take on art and the world.