Printables for Sale!

Many were asking if I was selling my NBA and Slam Dunk artworks, even like for printable images. Finally, here they are! It took me so long to figure out how to make a store here at my website but I really have no time to learn it. So, the solution is third-party e-commerce site.

I have uploaded some and still about to upload some more. Please, visit these links, my listings are really affordable. Thank you! If you’re not buying, you can just hit the ❤️ or like button—it’s much appreciated.


These are just mock ups. But you can also do this (on your own) when you have printed the purchased digital images.


NBA x SlamDunk: Sakuragi

Sakuragi in Spurs for a dunk. Illustration by Erik Pingol

I’m planning on creating an artbook for all these 🙂 Maybe a hundred page of illustrations is enough?

Sakuragi x San Antonio Spurs by Erik Pingol
Sakuragi x San Antonio Spurs by Erik Pingol

A lot of guys emailed me asking how can they buy my artworks. The truth is I still don’t know how. Whether to create a “store” in this site or sell the artworks somewhere—I really don’t know how those things work. If you guys have suggestions or ideas, you can email me. I just need all the help I can get. Thanks 😭


The past posts, I illustrated Slam Dunk characters in NBA uniforms as how Takehiko Inoue must have imagined them. Shohoku representing Bulls, Kainan for Lakers, Sannoh for Magic. Here, I’m back with my own fictional universe of NBA X Slam Dunk, as my original post.

One Piece X Street Fighter


Just a little breaker from our usual balling illustrations. One Piece X Street Fighter! Crossing over two of my most favorite franchises yeat again!

I like Franky the most! You can leave comments, I need more ideas, like who to match with Brook or Usopp, etc. Thanks, guys! 🤩