The Spider of Split

Toni Kukoc was known as the Spider of Split—that is Split—in Croatia. He had been one if not the most celebrated Croatian player of his time. He was a favorite Bull of mine back in their Championship years in the ’90s, that’s why I was fairly disappointed that The Last Dance (Netflix documentary) paid very less attention in him than he deserved.

A complete player: perimeter shots, 3-pointers, defense, passing skills and a very quick tall guy with a lot of tricks.

Toni Kukoc —one of the 2nd 3-peat Bull’s main guns

At this point I was getting pretty used to my hatching. Expect more coming!


The Reign Man

This was the project that started it all. I wanted to draw NBA moments in the traditional art form, this one in colored pencils. Some more illustrations followed this but my work at the office caught up with me. This was from 2018, fast forward to 2020 I have just started continuing the series.

This was the first one, so I want this to be the first post.