Erik Pingol illustrating both sports and children’s books

I’ll be launching a Patreon page soon.

As I wanted to create books for children, and give them all for free for every teacher, parent and child, I’ll be needing some help from kind people who would believe in my goals.

Okay, here is how it would go: when I finish a children’s book, it will be up for free on this site (and also on Patreon, I think). The name of my “Silver Patrons” will be included on the Acknowledgement Page. For my “Gold Patrons”, their names will be on the more prominent part of the Acknowledgement Page, plus I will illustrate a character based on this Patron or from a photo of a person he or she will send me—and blend it in the artwork (be it an NBA audience—among the crowd—or a bystander in the children’s book). Also, Silver and Gold Patrons get a different version of the book—I’ll include a little extra artwork maybe or something like that.

Regarding SPORTS ILLUSTRATIONS, though this one may take a bit more to finish since it’s more complicated—the benefits should be the same. When I finish an NBA Illustration Collection Book (for example), it will be up here and ready for download for every one. But my Patrons’ version should be more special—of course, because they helped me—MORE artworks, EXTRA “shiny badges”! For the Silver and Gold Patrons, their names will be written on their respective parts of the Acknowledgement sections, plus (same as above) Gold Patrons’ image will be REPRESENTED in the artwork.

I’d say, I really wanted to create children’s books for free—that’s what I can do for the world. NBA (and other sports) illustrations however should just serve as a bonus for me to be able to get more people to help me in this goal. I don’t want to sell these goods, but I need all the help you can give to make this a reality. FREE READING AND LEARNING MATERIALS FOR ALL KIDS.

I hope someone out there could give a hand.