Tandang Iskong Basahan — A New Version

This is a retelling of the award-winning short story of the same title by the Palanca Hall of Famer and premier writer Jun Cruz Reyes. I’m planning on having it translated very soon, so wait for it.

Mula Kay Tandang Iskong Basahan: Mga Tagpi-tagping Alaala graphic short story was selected and published in Likhaan (Volume) 14 in late 2020, but as of now, we’re still waiting for the printed volume. I had to keep it short—within 10 pages to be exact, to be accepted in the call for entries of the said journal. Also, the technical/printing requirements kept me limited in shading the art. Thus, panels and overall appearance were heavily affected. It’s still okay though, yet in my opinion, I could have done better. This version is the one that I could say I have told the story I was trying to convey without restraints. No deadlines, no page limits, no printing capability restrictions—and I’m really happy with the way it was finished. I believe I updated the story with some current issues yet still tried hard not to veer away from the beauty of the sorrow of the original material. So if you can find the original short story, you really should read it—much recommended.

For the Filipino-speaking readers, enjoy. For those not, I’ll get back to you. Translators are actually welcome. Have fun, all.

Mula Kay Tandang Iskong Basahan: Mga Tagpi-tagping Alaala
Original Story by Jun Cruz Reyes
Retelling and Art by Erik Guzman Pingol