Born To Be Wild

My other title card design need to wait. I’m doing my Born to be Wild portfolio first.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, BTBW is my favorite account. Not just because we went places for some adventurous shoots. Not just because we got great animal and nature footages. The brand itself is so fun to play with, in a creative’s (the person) perspective. Best of all, great people to work with. Yes, it is a commercial show, but the advocacy is real.

Enough with reminiscing. Just sharing here my favorite designs.

A sample storyboard for the animation.

Time flies… we’re at the 9th year!

The following three are billboard designs, the only ones I found available in my hard drive 😦

And… back to title cards. The era of 4K.

Some more studies…

Let’s try something moving…

I know I have more, I just need to find them. So, I guess there’d be an update or a newer post. Well, I guess I’ll just see you guys around. You can leave a message here for me, for fun. Thanks for your time!