Kenni’s Bahay-Kubo

Kenni’s Bahay-Kubo cover by Erik Pingol

Watch Kenni’s version of Bahay-Kubo and see the pages of the children’s book we made!

We started these little projects just to help teach Kenni reading and get him used to the language. Now, we have made 5 books, and still creating more.

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To my frequent visitors, yes, I do illustrate children’s books as well. I’m not all-basketball and anime 😂. I mostly draw stuff and create books to help my kid in reading, as we have found he has love for books. Actually this is the 5th book that we as a family have done.

We actually want to make it a free resource, for download and/or print for everyone. For schools, for teachers, parents and children who want to learn and have fun while at it. Downloads… I’ll try to learn the best way to do it. Print, we need sponsors as it requires a lot of money for that. But all in all, we want it to donated for everyone.

Message us if you have ideas.

PS: I’ll be working for the translated version very soon.