The first set I did was my personal fiction. What would happen if the Slam Dunk characters went pro—or more specifically were drafted in the NBA? What team would best suit them? That was my take.

This time, me, my friends and some great guys who supported the first run of the NBA X SLAM DUNK, collaborated in thoughts about how the great Takehiko Inoue—Slam Dunk author—imagined the creation of the players and teams and what they really represented.

These came up:

Our great idol Takehiko Inoue must have imagined Shohoku as Bulls, Kainan as Lakers, Sannoh as Magic… well, we’ll never know until he told us personally. Illustrations by Erik Pingol
Maki, Sakuragi, Sawakita and Rukawa in alternate NBA jerseys. Illustrations by Erik Pingol

Guys, I regularly upload artworks like these and mostly they premiere on Instagram. Please check out and follow my Instagram, it’s a lot of fun! See you there.


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